Our Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing

We're proud to show you exactly how and where your bicycle is made

Brilliant Bicycles are hand-crafted at a state-of-the-art, wind-powered manufacturing facility in Taiwan. We took great efforts to find manufacturing partners focused on ethical labor. All of our partners pay responsible wages with benefits in safe, clean working conditions.

Each Brilliant Bicycle requires dozens of craftsmen and engineers constructing, assembling and packaging your bicycle so that it arrives in pristine condition at your home. Every bicycle is individually tested and adheres to the highest industry standards. 

Painting & Finishing

To find that perfect shade, we work in both Pantone as well as a bicycle-specific color system called YS. We use liquid paint for even coloring and spray your Brilliant twice -- once with a glossy finish and once in a matte. Finally, we apply a clear coat to prevent rust and then cover your frame in protective, recyclable foam so that it reaches you in prime condition. 

Saddle & Grips

The most important parts for a comfortable ride are the saddle and grips. We sweet-talked our way into working with one of the world's oldest heritage fabricators. Your matching seat and grip set are butter-soft and weather-proof. They are tested to the highest standards to ensure a long and fruitful relationship with your derrière.

Box & Packaging

Your Brilliant travels over 10,000 miles to reach you, so we pack it in the sturdiest box we could find -- nine layers of recyclable cardboard that a grown man can stand on without bending the box an inch. Printed in Brilliant Mint with a simple design, your Brilliant always feels like a gift to yourself when it arrives.


We spent months in Taiwan and personally worked this assembly line, standing side by side with our manufacturing partners. We build your bicycle in a place and with partners we are proud for you to know.

At this stage, over 150 unique parts from 50 different vendors come together for a final assembly sprint before being loaded onto a sea freighter headed for the U S of A.

Frame & Fork

Wheels & Tires