It All Began With One Question

Why it is so hard to find a great bike at a
reasonable price?

Somewhere along the line, bicycles became complicated. Speed and spandex overshadowed fun and prices skyrocketed. But bicycles shouldn't be expensive or intimidating, so we set out to bring the magic and lightheartedness of your childhood back to bicycling.

and Quality

Every Brilliant is 100% hand-made

Dozen of designers and engineers work together to make every aspect of your Brilliant elegant, understated, and something you'll be proud to ride.

Our Manufacturing

We're proud to show you around

All of our partners pay responsible wages with benefits in safe, clean working environments.

Wheels & Tires

Paint & Finish

Final Assembly

Our Model

We cut the fat, not the corners

A dead simple supply chain that delivers
amazing bicycles directly from our
manufacturing floor.


Other Brands

That's how we roll!

Time to Find Your Perfect Ride!