Brilliant Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program makes it easy to track and gain commissions for your valuable marketplace information.  

Affiliate Program:

  • 5% commission
  • 21 day cookie duration
  • Average sale $550+
  • Same business day shipping on orders before 12:00
  • Fully-assembled delivery options available
  • Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay accepted with financing available by Bread & Afterpay
  • Available to assist on additional marketing content needs
  • Note: College Unchained Ambassador Affiliate program available with special terms.  

Brilliant Bicycles are designed for life at a better speed.

We set out to make bicycles that are as easy to buy, own, and maintain as they are on the eyes.  Underneath the Brilliant’s signature style, is design to help your bike last.  All models feature a signature Gates Carbon Drive and internally geared hubs.  That means no rust, no grease, and not going into the shop every few months for tune ups.  Plus, by selling directly to our riders, the value is unmatched.

    In addition to eye-catching designs, all Brilliant Bicycles and accessories are backed by 7-day-a-week, staff customer service.  Customers receive a personal touch to any needs.  Also, all bicycles have video walkthroughs and FAQs online. 

    To get started, fill out an application. If you have questions, please send us an email at