Front Brake

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V- brakes 

First, check to see if your front brake lever (left side when sitting on the bike) has the cable installed. If it does, skip the below video. However if the cable is not yet installed, use the below video to help:


Next, with one hand, pinch both the right and left side of the brake so they touch the wheel. Then insert the exposed metal part of the cable (called the noodle, no joke) into the noodle holder (again not a joke, google it). The noodle should seat nicely into the noodle holder. Slide the black rubber part (the boot) back onto the noodle.

Cantilever Brakes: If your brakes don't look like the ones above, your bicycle has Cantilever brakes.


In this step, we will connect the front brake. Shown to the right is a picture of the fully assembled and labeled front brake so you know what to work towards. Note: If your brakes don't look like the brakes pictured to the right scroll down to the bottom of the page for v-brake instructions.

First, press the left side of the brake pad until it contacts the wheel;

Then lift and place the silver elbow in the brake hanger underneath the handlebars. You'll notice there is a protective plastic cover on the cable. This is supposed to be there and will fit in the brake hanger.

If you are experiencing difficulty because there's isn't enough room between the handlebars and the brake hanger, you can raise the handlebars by loosening the bolt as shown in Step 1 and then re-tightening.

Make sure the silver end of the brake cable is properly housed in the brake lever.

Next, with one hand, pinch both the right and left side of the brake so they touch the wheel. Then hook the loose end of the cable into the right side of the brake as shown.

If the loose end does not reach the right side as show, please see prior. If the brake cable is not properly housed, its length is reduced and it will not reach.

Let's get that chain guard on!