Let's start unboxing your Brilliant.

Keep the box upright and open the top flaps.

Lift the bike upwards by grabbing the rear tire and the bike frame.


Lay the bike flat on the ground. The side with the brown packaging should be on top.


Locate the small plastic bag in the box which contains everything you need to assemble the bike. Open and unpack the bag.

Check that the following came in the small bag:

  • 1x small allen L-wrench
  • 1x large allen L-wrench
  • 1x silver wrench

Preparation for assembly 

First, use scissors to cut the clear plastic zip ties holding the front wheel and handlebars to the rest of the bike. 



Remove the front wheel and handelbars and put them aside for now. You can also remove the protective foam, cardboard packaging, and black wheel protectors.


Now everything should be unpacked!