Safety Check:

For your final check, let’s first ensure the handlebars are tight onto the bike.

Straddle the bike and keep the front wheel nestled tight between your feet.

Grab the handlebar and try to rotate in either direction. You should not be able to rotate or spin them.

If the handlebars rotate, re-align at 45* and tighten the bolt on the stem as shown in Step 1.


Stem: Now, make sure the height of the stem is not greater than the line indicated on the side. See Step 1.

If necessary, the stem and handlebar height can be adjusted by loosening the bolt on the very top.

Make sure the bolt top of the stem is as tight as possible.

Seat Height: The seat height depends on your toddler's inseam, it is best to start with it bottomed out and move your way up as the toddler gains confidence. If your toddler is tall and you want to start out by raising the saddle make sure the minimum insertion line is not showing, otherwise you have raised the seat too high.


Make sure the bolt holding the seat post to the bike from Step 2 is as tight as possible.

Grab the seat in both hands and attempt to rotate. If you can move the seat in any direction at all, please tighten even more.


Test Ride:

Now you're ready for a test ride!

Please make sure to test your bicycle in a safe area at slow speeds. A full test ride includes:

  • Making sure your toddler can touch reach the floor with his legs while sitting on the seat
  • Turning the handlebars back and forth to ensure they are tight and aligned with the front wheel;
  • Wiggling your bottom on the seat to make sure it stays in place;

That's it! You're done. Be brilliant and ride safely: use a helmet and lights, and obey all traffic laws.

If you have any questions, please chat, text, email, or call (310) 853-1337 or stop by your local bike shop.