Our bicycles takes 30 - 60 action-packed minutes to assemble.

1. Read the Instructions

No seriously! We know it's tempting to dive right in, but each step depends on the prior step being done correctly. If you read every. single. word. you are going to thank yourself. We always recommend that you have a local bike shop help, but, assuming that you're going to do the assembly yourself, make sure to have your local bike shop give your bike a safety check before riding. Safety first!

2. Grab a Friend

Brilliant Bicycles are designed to be assembled by one person, but it's a lot more fun if you grab a friend and put on some tunes; we even made a bike building playlist for you here!

3.  Watch the Video

For the Cooper assembly we offer video instructions. We recommend watching the video fully through at least once before starting assembly.



 Video Instructions


We recommend reviewing your Owners Manual 

in full before assembly