Front Wheel (Step 3 of 3)



Remove and discard the black plastic parts on either side of the wheel if you haven’t already. Loosen the nuts by hand, but don't remove them . 


Next, turn the bicycle upside down as shown above. This will make it easier to install the wheel.



Insert the wheel into the dropouts. Make sure the hook washers (the small silver metal rings) and nuts are on the outside of the fork.

Also, ensure that the hook washer is ‘hooked’ into the small grooves on the dropout before tightening. We’re pointing at this in the video above. This is a safety feature to ensure the wheel stays secure.

Tighten the nuts by hand, and then tighten them as much as possible with the silver wrench provided.


If you've tightened as much as possible by wrench, go back and tighten some more. It is very important that the front wheel is on as tight as possible.


That's it for the front wheel!