Our bicycles takes 30 - 60 action-packed minutes to assemble.

For the best possible experience:

1. Read the Instructions

No seriously! We know it's tempting to dive right in, but each step depends on the prior step being done correctly. If you read every. single. word. you are going to thank yourself;

2. Grab a Friend

Brilliant Bicycles are designed to be assembled by one person, but it's a lot more fun if you grab a friend and put on some tunes; we even made a bike building playlist for you here!

3.  Start building and reach out if you have any questions

If you run into trouble, re-read the instructions slowly and try to match the videos exactly. If something really seems wrong or you just can't figure it out, you can reach us by clicking the mint chat window in the bottom left right or calling us directly at (310) 853-1337.