Let's start unboxing your Brilliant.

Keep the box upright, cut the white straps, and open the top flaps.

Lift the bike upwards by grabbing the rear tire and the bike frame.

Lay the bike flat on the ground. The wheel with the brown cardboard protector should be on top. This is the front wheel.

There is a small brown box at the bottom of the large mint box which contains everything you need to assemble the bike. Open and unpack the small box.

Important: don't throw away this box because it will be used in a later step. Do throw away the Chinese instructions because, well, we assume you don't speak Chinese.

Check that the following came in the small box:

  • 1x red allen wrench
  • 1x wrench
  • OPTIONAL 1x black Allen L-wrench
  • 1x seat
  • 1x seat post
  • 2x reflectors
  • 2x pedals

Preparation for Assembly


First, use scissors to cut the clear plastic zip ties holding the front wheel to the rest of the bike. Be careful not to cut the white cables - these are the brake and shifter cables.

Remove the front wheel by sliding forward to free from the silver crank. Put the front wheel aside for now.


Grab the small box. Find the two punch-outs on one side.

With the silver front brakes face outwards, remove the black protector that is inserted into the bottom of the fork.

Place the fork into the small box, balancing the bike.

Now everything should be unpacked!