Front Wheel

Step 4 of 6

Remove and discard the black plastic parts on either side of the wheel. Loosen the nuts by hand, but don't remove them.

Cut the zip tie holding the front brakes together.

Then, straddle the bicycle facing forward. Lift the bike and gently place the dropouts onto the front wheel.

The washers (small silver metal rings) and nuts should both be on the outside of the fork. EACH WASHER HAS A HOOK THAT MUST HOOK INTO THE HOLE ABOVE THE FORK DROPOUT. 

Tighten the nuts by hand, and then tighten them as much as possible with the silver wrench provided.

If you've tightened as much as possible by wrench, go back and tighten some more. It is very important that the front wheel is on as tight as possible.

Grab the reflectors and hold as shown.

Install the reflectors on both the front and rear wheels by sliding them onto the spokes until they are firmly situated.

You can slide the reflectors between any two spokes where they fit. As long as they sit snugly, you're good to go. Do not force into place and bend the silver spokes.

That's it for the front wheel!